High-performance exhaust manufacturer Twin Brothers Racing knows its way around superbikes. That much nobody will dispute. So it comes as no surprise that the company famous for its gnarly exhausts has come up with a new slip-on exhaust that can give more power to the Yamaha YZF-R1M while also shaving off a little bit of weight on the superbike.

It does seem a little excessive for a powerful, track-focused bike to get even more power, but there’s a big segment of motorcycle riders that embrace this kind of aftermarket work. Can you imagine the YZF-R1M becoming lighter and even more powerful than it already is? Oh, the possibilities!

The new product is called the S1R silencer and the whole process behind its creation is incredibly meticulous. According to TBR, it’s made out of carbon fiber and was made with a high temp aerospace grade epoxy resin. The carbon fabric, in particular is made with a 33 million modulus carbon tow, which is then impregnated with the high temperature resin under extreme conditions, allowing the fabric to consistently receive the exact resin content. Once that process is done, the item is sent to an autoclave so to help consolidate the material and remove foreign substances, including air trapped in the laminate.

The end product is a sleek and saucy silencer that weighs just 4.5 lbs, a little over a quarter of the YZF-R1M’s 17.5 stock silencer. The loss of the catalyst converter is largely responsible for dramatic weight savings, but the addition of O2 sensor ports more than makes up for its absence.

On the performance end, the S1R silencer adds 3.4 horsepower more to the YZF-R1M, bringing the bike’s total output to an impressive 172.3 horsepower. It’s a subtle increase, but when you combine it with the weight loss, you’re going to feel an immediate difference in the super bike’s power and handling. And for just $600, I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

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Why it matters

I’m of the belief that anybody who owns a track-focused superbike should put in the time to squeeze every last bit of power out of their bike as they possibly can. The caveat here is that a bike like the YZF-R1M can only be ridden in a race track so that immediately addresses the whole “driving in the right environment” condition.

Twin Brothers Racing’s S1R silencer fits into this set-up because the improvements it provides are significant enough to make a big difference on the bike, but not to the point of turning the YZF-R1M into a suicide machine.

The only downside to the silencer is that it ironically increases the bike’s noise levels. Whereas the stock exhaust was able to produce 95dB of sound pressure at 5,000 rpm, the S1R doles out an incredible 108.5 dB of sound pressure at the same engine speed.

But like I said, the YZF-R1M is a bike built specifically for the track so you’re really not getting any complaints from your neighbours if you decide to go full throttle on your superbike. Besides, a bike that produces banshee-levels of noise is more than welcome in any race track.

Oh, and let’s face it. If you can afford a Yamaha YZF-R1M, there’s no reason for you to not be able to afford the S1R silencer.

Source: Two Bros.

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