• UK motorcycle sales increase 6%

    Royal Enfield motorcycles
  • Royal Enfield motorcycles
  • Royal Enfield motorcycles

Figures released today by the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) show a 6% increase in the total number of bike, scooter and moped registrations.

Moped registrations increased by 4%, scooters increased 11% and motorcycles rose by 6%. January car registrations were also up 5% suggesting a buoyant start to the year for the automotive industry.

The big winners, who experienced the most growth are the three sectors; Adventure Sport (46%), Scooter (22%) and Supersport (18%) - the latter two sectors maintaining the largest shares of the market.

The Japanese brands continue to dominate the ‘Top Ten Powered-Two Wheelers’ list although the number three slot has been taken by the Chinese brand, Baotian.

Craig Carey-Clinch, MCI’s Director of Public Affairs said, “Now is a time of change for the motorcycle industry and the MCI will be focussing on reducing the negative effects of legislation and at the same time working in partnership to attract new blood into the world of motorcycling.

The registration figures indicate a positive start to the year, but there is no room for complacency and all of the industry will have to look closely at how they can fight of pending external threats.”

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