Ural has a long history behind it and somehow it managed to stay alive since the World War era. However, despite the serious number of ears that have passed since then, the style of its motorcycle’s didn’t changed much.

Therefore, after 100 years Ural’s bikes look pretty close to the bikes ridden by our grandpas. Luckily despite their vintage appearance, the new Ural motorcycles are fitted with contemporary engines and technologies, so their performances are at least on the decent side of things.

Keeping up with its tradition, the company has recently announced that they will reveal a new sidecar that will share Ural’s core values, but will be a completely different concept then the rest of its models.

The 2014 model is called the Gaucho Rambler and was born from Ural’s collaboration with Pendleton Woolen Mills.

For the moment we don’t have many details about the new Ural motorcycle, but the company was kind enough to show us a teaser.

Stay tuned for more details.


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