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There’s good news for all the Honda fans out there, of which there are plenty. (The Red Riders are the most popular brand with millenials right now, after all.) The factory has announced that it will be adding the naked CB650F to its 2018 stateside lineup. The CB650F runs a 649 cc, transverse inline-four mill that the factory’s sales prose says is torquey. The European model has about 46 pound-feet and 89 HP, and I’m guessing the U.S. model will be the same. A naked bike, the CB650F naturally lets it all hang out with little in the way of body panels to hide the sculpted headers, twin-spar frame and all the rest. Showa “Dual Bending Valve” forks support the front end with better-than-vanilla feel in spite of its non-adjustable nature, something Harley customers have enjoyed for a few years now and more manufacturers are getting on board.

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2018 Honda CB650F: How Does It Stack Up With The FZ-07 And SV650?
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Honda is keeping the price close to the vest for the time being, but 9 out of 10 experts agree that it will run somewhere around the 8-grand mark, and we should know something for sure no later than early autumn. Price, engine size and capabilities make the CB650F marginally suitable for the entry-level market, but experienced riders looking for something sporty but not-too-big will likely be the main consumers of this ride. The proof is in the pudding, though, and we’ll see what happens when it becomes available in August of this year, though I expect we’ll see it at some of the shows throughout the summer.

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