Did anybody believe that only big, bulky, American cruisers can host V-Twin engines? Well, if you did (which is something that I can easily understand), it is time to change your opinion.

The Kawasaki Z 1300 in the image is being powered by a relatively small V-Twin engine displacing 2600 cc’s. Count the exhaust pipes if you don’t believe me. But doesn’t the engine capacity seem a little too small for this number of cylinders? On a car, yes, but on motorcycles, this is perfection itself as there is a lot of power without the implicit vibrations that would come together with a smaller number of cylinders and the same displacement.

Of course that you don’t need this, I agree with you, but what creator Allen Millyard wants to prove is that everything can find its place on anything. I don’t know how the rider will do that as the gas tank stretches half the bike’s body length and the handlebar raisers fake the problem’s solving.

Source: richmondlabs

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