Dieter Hartmann-Wirthwein is a German motorcycle enthusiast who also enjoys creating unusual motorcycles. Last summer created a unique 125cc four-cylinder engine and now he finally came up to the conclusion that bigger is better and starts yet another unique project, a V8-powered Ducati.

The author of such projects is certainly an ingenious mechanic and a very patient man, but we are supposed to be proven that a V8 engine powering a two-wheeled vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean Boss Hoss. Our German took a 1992 Ducati 900 SS and seriously modified the engine in order to end up with eight cylinders instead of two and a cylinder capacity of 868cc.

The project is still undergoing, but the German already found a name for it, Ducati-Elenore. The little information posted on the Dieter’s website is the fact that the engine will have a 56mm bore and 43mm stroke and there will be two valves (27mm admission and 23 mm exhaust) for each cylinder.

Stay tuned to find out more about this project as soon as we have more information.

V8-powered Ducati project
- image 282116

V8-powered Ducati project
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V8-powered Ducati project
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Source: motoflash

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