Mika Kallio goes into the final race of the season from fifth on the gird

KTM riders Mika Kallio (23/Finland), Julian Simon(19/Spain), Randy Krummenacher (16/Switzerland), Michael Ranseder (20/Austria) and Blake Leigh-Smith (16/Australia) will start Sunday’s 24 lap race in Valencia at grid positions five, eight, 10, 28 and 42 respectively.

As it did last year, the season’s racing activities conclude in Valencia where thousands of enthusiastic fans create a unique backdrop for this, the 17th and last round that brings with it the championship decision for the 250 cc and the premiere class, the MotoGP. The Red Bull KTM GP 125 team has set high standards for the last race of the season. Mika Kallio and his colleagues in orange want to deliver their best before the riders and teams commence intensive preparation for the next season.

Mika Kallio # 36 Red Bull KTM GP 125 — 5th Position — 1’39.698
“We made some good improvement on the bike after yesterday’s qualifying. My KTM FRR 125 now feels much more stable going through these corners, which are sometimes very tight. But there are still some things to sort out as I have some difficulties with chattering at the hard braking points. For sure it will be difficult for me to win here in Valencia like I did in 2005, but another place on the podium is realistic for us.”

Julian Simon # 60 Red Bull KTM GP 125 — 8th Position — 1’39.949
“I did not really do the job as I wanted to do during practice. I struggled with one little problem after another, especially concerning the set up of the chassis. But this happens and it is nothing to worry about for tomorrow as my bike is really fast and I know I can overtake without any extra risk. I have to have a good start and to stay with the front group then it will be fine.”

Randy Krummenacher #54 Red Bull ADAC KTM Juniors — 10th Position — 1’40.243
“At the beginning of the second qualifying I tried out a different kind of mix for the rear tyre, but I didn’t feel too good about this and we returned to the same ones that we used yesterday and I could really chase the times. Then I braked a bit too late and the motorbike slipped from under me. I thought I was going to fly off but I was able to avoid a crash. When I stopped in the gravel I thought the engine has stopped but in fact I just couldn’t hear it because the cheering of the crowd was so loud. I went by the pits to check everything out and was able to go out again and put in a good time of 1’40.7. Then in the next and last lap Gadea came past me and I thought I would simply ride with him and that worked well. I’m satisfied with my 40.2 because I was very relaxed when I put in this time."

Michael Ranseder # 9 Red Bull KTM Junior Team — 28th Position — 1’41.741
“We simply had too many problems with the chassis and somehow we just couldn’t get the adjustment right. In any case I tried to do the best I could under the circumstances. I was able to improve on yesterday’s time by 0.7 seconds but let’s not even discuss where I finished in the starting order."

Blake Leigh-Smith # 67 Red Bull KTM Junior Team — 42nd Position — 1’42.885
“I can’t get my chassis to work the way I want it to be and I am getting a bad chattering going into the corners. Then I can’t open up the throttle the way I want to because I am missing grip. That’s the reason I’m losing heaps of time here. My engine is running very fast on the straight but at the Valencia circuit you have to go through many difficult corners. “

Course: Dry/ 33°C
Air: 29°C
Humidity: 16%

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