Valentino Rossi is a man of many skills. He can ride bikes. He can race cars. Heck, he might be even good at math for all I know. But what he isn’t good at is picking the designs on his helmet. Now I know that it’s tradition for Dr. Rossi to introduce a new winter test helmet design, but the latest one he just introduced brings ugly to a whole new level.

You know how a lot of people have taken to holding “Ugly Christmas Sweater” parties during the holidays? Well, Rossi’s helmet is probably reserved for such an occasion and not on MotoGP winter testing ahead of the new season.

First of all, the volt color finish looks ostentatious. But that doesn’t even begin to describe the sheer inanity of the holidays-inspired design. There are small christmas trees, snowflakes, and reindeer silhouettes, among other things. In other words, things you normally don’t put in a MotoGP helmet.

Then again, if there’s one man who can get away with something like this, it’s Rossi. After all, he is the most decorated motorcycle racer of all time, having won nine MotoGP titles and eyeing his 10th title this coming season. If this were another racer, he probably wouldn’t be able to live down all the jokes and cat-calls made about his seemingly distorted fashion choice. But this is Rossi we’re talking about. He can wear a Dora the Explorer-themed helmet and nobody would call him out on it.

Ok, not nobody because I certainly would’ve. Hopefully, Rossi opts to use this “Ugly Christmas Sweater” exclusively during testing sessions ahead of the upcoming MotoGP season.

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Why it matters

In the grand scheme of things over at MotoGP, Rossi’s Ugly Christmas Sweater helmet isn’t really a big deal. It’s still a helmet, after all, and it’s likely that it can still serve its most important safety function despite being dressed as horrendously as that monstrosity.

But if Rossi is trying to make a fashion statement, he certainly did just that, albeit for the wrong reasons. I don’t know if I’m in the minority here, but I do have, or at least I think I have a certain proclivity on understanding what makes a good helmet design.

You see the masks that hockey goalies use? Those have some incredible and highly personal design details. That’s the kind of design Rossi should’ve gone for, not pay tribute to a season that has just ended.

I like to think that Rossi knew about this, but I’m not sure about that. What I am sure about is that his "Ugly Christmasn Sweater is all sorts of blech.

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