Valerie Thompson is a world-class motorcycle drag and land speed racer and is widely considered as one of the best in the world at it. She has seven land speed records to her name, which is fitting considering that her nickname, “America’s Queen of Speed”, perfectly fits her like a glove. Yet for all of her accomplishments, there’s one prestigious club that she’s dying to be a part of. So on May 16 and 17, 2015, Thompson will be at the El Mirage Dry Lake Bed in the Mojave Desert to once again vie for the distinction of being the first female motorcycle rider to be included in the “El Mirage 200 MPH Club.”

Thompson will compete in the APS-G class of the event but her sole focus will be to break the existing record of 214.360 mph that was set in 2011. It’s far easier said than done, even for a woman who has seven land speed records under her belt. She once reached 199.903 mph at the event, which is an impressive accomplishment in it of itself. This time, Thompson’s going for broke and for what it’s worth, she’s got as good a chance as any to finally get invited into the “El Mirage 200 MPH Club.”

Her personal best speed of 217.7 mph would easily break the existing record and besides, it’s not like she’s venturing into unchartered territory with her latest record-breaking attempt. Thompson already eclipsed 200 mph in three other land speed racing events not counting her personal best speed.

Her attempt at the record is expected to be one of the most highly anticipated parts of the Southern California Timing Association’s (SCTA) land speed racing event. For good reason, too. If Valerie Thompson is able to pull it off, you can put to bed any debate on her place in the annals of land speed racing events in the US.

Valerie Thompson’s already in the pantheon of land speed racers. If she makes it to this super exclusive club, her face will be permanently etched in the sport’s very own Mt. Rushmore.

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Why it matters

Gaining entry into the “El Mirage 200 MPH Club” is no small feat for any land speed rider. So even if you’re the caliber of Valerie Thompson, a rider who owns more world land speed records than any of us combined, it’s going to take a whole lot of skill and luck to be able to not only reach 200 mph, but also add an extra 12 mph to stamp your name - again - into the record books.

For all her skill and talent, it’s still not a sure thing that Thompson can pull this off. Remember, this is her third attempt at the record and she’s yet to catch that proverbial lightning in a bottle.

Like most people who know of Valerie Thompson and care enough about these types of records, I’m personally rooting for her to gain entry into this prestigious club. Believe me when I tell you, there aren’t a lot of land speed riders, male or female, who are in the same level as Valerie Thompson.

She didn’t earn her “America’s Queen of Speed” for nothing, and for what it’s worth, I have the utmost faith in Thompson’s capability to finally break into the “El Mirage 200 MPH Club” and add yet another record to her ever-growing collection of world land speed records.

Source: SCTA

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