• Vanguard Motorcycles head towards being an e-mobility company with Erik Buell

Called the VanguardSparks, they aim to make value-for-money urban electric two-wheelers

Vanguard is a brand new name in the motorcycle world that has vowed to celebrate utilitarianism. The brand is touted to be an entirely new and distinct for premium motorcycles that are decisive on re-shaping the rule books.

Now, the American company has joined hands with 3 partners to attack the onset of electric motorcycles under a new banner: “VanguardSpark”. It will be an e-mobility company created to bring to market innovative, distinctive and great value-for-money urban electric two-wheelers.

Vanguard Motorcycles head towards being an e-mobility company with Erik Buell Drawings
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Designer Edward Jacobs, an accomplice at the atrocious Confederate Motorcycles opened up his own design house in NYC before co-founding Vanguard along with Francois-Xavier Terny. Mr. F-X Terny has now allied with Frederic Vasseur and his Formula-E official manufacturer company "Spark Racing Technologies" and the legendary motorcycle innovator-Erik Buell and his engineering team to create the VanguardSpark alongside the Vanguard itself.

This trio will pool in all their talent and expertise to develop a new breed of electric mobility vehicles gilded for the urban spaces confronted with congestion and pollution, that is inevitably heading to "no gas-vehicles".

As an alternative to the $30000 Vanguard Roadster, VanguardSpark is an idea developed to have a viable two-wheeled urban transport with performance and range far beyond that of “pedelecs” (the assisted e-bicycles).

Vanguard Motorcycles head towards being an e-mobility company with Erik Buell Drawings
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They have given us a sneak-peak at their first two products that are still in their design stages. The first is going to be potentially called the "SpeedBike” – “essentially a healthy and classy alternative to mopeds and small scooters” says VanguardSpark. A cycle that will be electrically assisted to help you keep fit as well as power your everyday commute to your offices.

The second product is the "Commuter" – “a nimble and practical two-wheeler perfectly adapted to urban environments”. It will be a replacement for the 125cc-150cc commuter segment motorcycles and scooters with an electric drive under the hood for your short bursts inside the busy urban spaces.

2018 Vanguard Roadster
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With the support of key motorcycle parts manufacturers, Vanguard is poised to offer its customers the best of all world. The first functional prototype will be showcased this coming summer while the company has already filed for 4 patents for innovative designs, engineering, battery technology and software.

The VanguardSpark blokes have got the prototypes, a factory to build it, materials already supplied, investments poured in and the most important of all, the zeal to introduce new ideas in a manner that can speak for itself. A manner involving innovations and design that reciprocates where this century is heading to.

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