Victory Recovers TT Zero Electric Bike

Victory Motorcycles has recovered its electric TT motorcycle a few days after the prototype was stolen from Brammo’s headquarters in Talent, Oregon. Local police officials in Talent received critical information on the bike’s whereabouts shortly after Victory announced a reward of $1,000 to whoever was able to provide details on the stolen motorcycle.

No word yet on who’s going to receive the cool $1,000, but that doesn’t mean as much in the larger scheme of things as seeing the motorcycle community rally together and step up to the plate to help somebody in need, which in this case turned out to be Victory Motorcycles.

Two individuals were taken into custody, including a man who has had a long history of law-breaking. According to the police, the man admitted his plan to strip the bike and sell individual parts in the market. As I expected, the electric TT motorcycle had significant damage to its bodywork upon recovery, including the loss of the rear wheel. But other than that, it remained largely complete, drawing a huge sigh of relief from Victory Motorcycles.

Now that the bike is back in the hands of its rightful owner, expect Victory to take up the task of rebuilding it back to the machine that Lee Johnston rode to claim third place in the recent Isle of Man Zero TT Challenge.

Hopefully, it stays with Victory for the foreseeable future, or at least until the company decides to willingly part with it, be it as a sale or at an auction. None of us need another episode like this for the time being.

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Why it matters

We were all due for some good news so it was nice to see it arrive sooner than even I expected. This wily caper ended as quick as it began, which goes to show how important it is in this day to disseminate information to the public as fast as possible.

Victory’s announcement shortly after the machine was stolen was probably the biggest reason why it was recovered so quickly. Without it, the public wouldn’t have known that the bike was stolen in the first place. But with Victory quickly offering a $1,000 reward to help retrieve its property, the public quickly sprung into action to help local police authorities in Talent, Oregon with important information to locate the stolen property.

From there, a whole lot of credit also goes to the police for its efficient investigation on the matter. The quick location of the machine and the subsequent issuance of the warrant prevented the crooks from doing what they intended with the bike. If the case had gone on for another few days, who knows how far along the machine would’ve been stripped down. Some parts might even have been sold by that time.

A lot of fortuitous events had to happen for the bike to be removed. Fortunately for Victory, all those events broke its way so now, the only issue it has to deal with is to repair the most cosmetic damages the bike sustained and make the necessary repairs to get it back to full health.

I fully expect Victory to make quick work in the repairs. Once it’s completed, the bike should be back up and running again, officially closing this rather bizarre chain of events.

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