Victory Motorcycles is jumping into waters unknown after signing up to be part of the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Drag Racing series. If that’s not enough indication of Victory’s plans to be included in the NHRA, the motorcycle company has also formed Victory Factory Racing, which the team plans to stock up to become a force in the world of the NHRA.

Anchoring Victory Factory Racing’s pursuit of drag racing glory will be the husband-and-wife team of Matt and Angie Smith. Matt Smith, in particular, is a well-known commodity in the NHRA scene, having won two world titles during his illustrious career. Likewise, Angie Smith is no lightweight on the drag racing scene, either. She’s been known to throw down with the best of ‘em, and with together with her husband, the two are expected to become a formidable team that can turn some heads for the newly created Victory Factory Racing.

Despite having been around only since 1998, Victory Motorcycles has grown to become a prominent American bike maker in the world, which makes this entry into the world of the NHRA a stroke of good timing. Having the Smiths serving as riders and ambassadors for the brand will not only give Victory Factory Racing the cache it needs to be taken seriously in the series, but it also has two very capable drivers who can actually score some wins for the new outfit.

That much we can all look forward to when the new NHRA Pro Stock season opens on March 13, 2015 at the Gatornationals in Gainesville, Florida. Keep a close eye on Victory Factory Racing during the season-opening race. The team and its drivers might give us an unexpected show.

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Why it matters

Victory Motorcycles is still a relative newbie in the American motorcycle scene. But for a company that is only 17 years old, Victory sure has found a way to become relevant while competing for sales time against the likes of Harley-Davidson.

With its lineup of models showing some life, Victory’s preparing to break into the NHRA drag racing scene and make its own name in that racing series. Talk about a company with ambitious goals, Victory ranks right up there with some of the most ambitious of them all.

But don’t mistake Victory’s plans for drag racing glory as an ill-fated attempt at something that’s over its head. The brand, with the backing of parent firm Polaris Industries, has the capacity to become a serious player in the drag racing world. It even tapped two-time world champ Matt Smith, one of the most accomplished drag racers in the world, to spearhead Victory Factory Racing efforts in its maiden season.

How the new team will do in the upcoming NHRA season is still anyone’s guess. But based on what we’ve seen from the company’s dedication to become a big player in the cruiser market in such a short span, there’s no reason to think that Victory and Victory Factory Racing can’t replicate that kind of success in the world of drag racing.
The good thing is we’ll all find out soon enough.

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