• Victory Stuns The Motorcycle World With Two Wins On Pike’s Peak

Pike’s Peak is sometimes referred to as “America’s Mountain,” and it serves as something of a proving grounds as wheeled contraptions of every persuasion race from bottom to top, or thereabouts, in order to test their mettle (or metal if you like, they both work here). Victory Motorcycles came up big at the 2016 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb by winning first-in-class in two separate categories and taking second- and third-place overall.

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How Did They Do?

Victory Stuns The Motorcycle World With Two Wins On Pike's Peak
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Victory is America’s Johnny-come-lately brand and has been busy going about the business of making a name for itself. Under the Polaris Industries’ umbrella along with Indian Motorcycles, Victory focusses on progressive designs and performance-oriented V-twin engines as well as the development of a viable electric propulsion system, and so far the engineers seem to be right on track.

Project 156

Victory Stuns The Motorcycle World With Two Wins On Pike's Peak
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First, we have Jeremy Toye on the Octane-based “Project 156” racebike that placed third overall, and won its category with an average speed of 69.7 mph, and a total time of 10.19.777. This is a really good showing for a company that is, for all intents and purposes, a little wet behind the ears. Of course to be fair, it does have Polaris’ deep pockets to support a robust R&D department, so in reality it isn’t quite as new as new can be, but let’s not get bogged down in the details.

Empulse RR

Victory Stuns The Motorcycle World With Two Wins On Pike's Peak
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Next up we have my favorite tidbit, and one that answers the question that I just know has been keeping all of you up at night; who makes the best electric motorcycle on the market right now? As it turns out, the answer is Victory with its Empulse RR. Road-test editor Don Canet took first place among the electrics and an impressive second overall with a 10.17.813 final time and average speed of 69.9 mph.


These are great results, and Victory (along with its parent company and shareholders) must surely be pleased with themselves. Of course, you’re only as good as your last win, so I expect the engineers are already hard at work to ensure they don’t come off looking like one-, or even two-hit wonders. As for me, I doubt they have much to worry about on that front. So good job TeamThunder and TeamLightning! Enjoy your well-earned success, ’cause next year is right around the corner.

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