Roads in India are notorious. Jaywalkers, stray animals, vehicles coming from the wrong direction is all the norm there and people have even learned to just live with it. Law officers cannot help much even, considering the number of people and vehicles that ply on the roads.

There is an accident always bound to happen on Indian roads, and this is one such incident that was caught by a GoPro action camera mounted on the helmet of a Royal Enfield rider.

The road, as they say, is full of idiots. Take this truck driver for example, who puts on his headlights and comes from the opposite direction, on wrong side of the road, nearly knocking the rider and the pillion down while the bike was overtaking another truck.

Luckily, the rider managed to maneuver the bike just in between the two trucks and save himself from a disastrous crash.

Vide: Rider on an Indian highway miraculously saves himself from an idiot trucker Screenshots / Gameplay
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