Video: 11 steps towards motorcycle safety

As you probably already know, May is the motorcycle awareness month. But before we start asking other people using the road to look out for us, we must make sure we have taken all the possible safety measures. So Nelson Nunez, Michael Nunez and Rosemarie Lennon have put together a video about the 11 most important steps that need to be covered for your own safety and that of the people around you: get trained, wear a helmet, wear protective clothing, brake carefully, approach intersections cautiously, pass carefully, keep your distance, avoid riding in rain, never ride side-by-side, approach curves cautiously and never drink and drive. Also, their must-have biker list includes: a license, a helmet, protective clothing, extreme caution and reflective tape and stickers. Good luck out there!

Source: howcast

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  (1022) posted on 07.26.2010

License is really needed. There’s a Nissan 350Z at the background. Haha.

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