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    BMW R1200GS Adventure 3km Wheelie

    A 3km long non stop wheelie on a fully loaded R1200GS Adventure (R1200GSA) in South Africa. For tons of R1200Gs info and resources check out
    ** The rider:
    "...hi there andy. i am the one doing this wheelie in botswana. only part of the wheelie was filmed , because my friend could not get the camera out in time to film it from the start. i enjoy the comments posted from time to time , but do not appreciate the bullshit comment , for he was not there to see. however , he can come down to my home and see for himself. took years of practise to wheelie this mothership , and i am proud to be one of few."
    "The wheelie was done in third gear without the clutch. compress the front shock by bouncing once , and then give gas. Get to the balance point , and keep the throttle steady.
    Start at around 110 km/h , and bounce. Keep accelerating until the balance point is reached. That happens around 140 km/h ,depending on your weight and load.
    This wheelie was done in third gear and around 150 km/h
    standing on the rear foot pegs."