Helmets are the most important safety equipment for anybody who decides to ride a motorcycle. These things are even more important if you’re competing in a bike race. That’s a big reason why a company like 6D Helmets exists. Recently, the helmet manufacturer hosted a ride day at the Perris Raceway in Perris, California to showcase its new line of headgear for casual and professional riders alike.

The event was more than just a publicity stunt, although a big part of it can be described as such. The bigger purpose behind the whole spectacle was to give back to the riders that use 6D Helmets. From young tykes to adult riders, and even some motocross athletes were on hand to lend their support for the brand. That last group even includes the likes of Eli Tomac from Geico Honda, Kevin Aiello from Factory KHS Bicycles, and Nick Burson and Jeremy Purvines from Purvines Racing.

Not surprisingly, 6D Helmets founder and CEO Bob Weber was also in attendance. He couldn’t have been happier to see a lot its sponsored athletes, as well as old and new customers, attend the event and be part of the festivities.

In just two short years, 6D Helmets has grown in prominence in the motocross scene and judging by the turnout of its recent ride day, there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic about 6D Helmets’ future moving forward.

Onward to progress, so they say.


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