• Video: A kindergarten kid gets caught by cops for riding a mini-moto on a highway

The first time I rode solo on a motorcycle was when I was a teenager filled with bursts of zits all over my face. I remember the feeling when the bike did not stall and I shifted to second gear for the very first time. The feeling is too deep to explain.

This fellow here, however, has got it just at the age of five on a mini-moto. From Indonesia, Restu was intercepted by the surprised police when he was found riding a mini-motorcycle with a pillion around town on the highway.

The kindergarten student who otherwise only rides his mini-moto at his grandparent’s backyard told the police that he was about to visit her cousin’s house. And doing so, he ended up getting onto the highway only to be intercepted by the cops.

As a matter of fact, riding is built into Restu’s blood. Both Restu’s dad and uncle are involved in motorcycle racing and probably that is why Restu dared to hit the streets. When caught, he innocently answered the cops for a while but couldn’t hide his fear of losing the bike, for which he is seen crying.

He was later escorted back to his grandparent’s house where they were advised to keep a closer eye on him.

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