You must have heard about self-driving cars that is making so much of noise in the industry today. The technology of tomorrow has already arrived today and test runs are being implemented as we speak.

On motorcycles, however, the technology is yet to completely arrive. Honda and Yamaha are already showcasing their state-of-the-art concepts to the world.

But the story here is totally different. Physics takes a fun trip on all of these guys here.

While a film crew was shooting on the icy frozen lakes of Minnesota, USA, a rider named Jake Larch was supposed to shoot a stunt scene which started with him jumping onto the motorcycle from the rear while the bike started was moving.

As you can see, the rider failed in his attempt and the motorcycle didn’t even budge. It continued its run like it was possessed or controlled by someone. The entire crew started chasing the bike including the cameraman. The forces acting on this bike were all about physics and not paranormal.

Video: A motorcycle possessed by a freerunner Screenshots / Gameplay
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The motorcycle run was quite impressive with its skills of swaying around and avoiding itself from people catching up to it. Another rider on another motorcycle tried to put it off the spin, but it took him multiple attempts to have finally gotten himself knocked over by the free-runner.

With the motorcycle in gear and the throttle kept open for the stunt, the bike couldn’t help but keep running on the ice with a little physics helping it stand upright on the run.

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