Patrón is a brand of tequila products by the Patrón Spirits Company from Mexico. Owning this empire is John Paul DeJoria who is also the same guy who founded the Paul Mitchell hair care products. With so much happening, it’s no surprise that he has moolah estimated at $3.4 billion. And what does one do with so much in his bank account? Have a garage full of exotic machines.

That is exactly what Paul has. A Texas garage housing a myriad of motorcycles including Beemers, Indians, and Harleys. Of all these, Paul’s craziest one is a "special" one-off 2008-2009 Arlen Ness and Victory motorcycle that runs on…wait for it… Tequila.

Video: A motorcycle powered by Patron Tequila
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After making some of the most elegant cruisers, baggers, and tourers for 18 years, Polaris shut down operations of Victory Motorcycles back in January last year as it struggled to keep up with the attention pulled by the Harleys and the Indian.

Paul, however, takes pride in his “Patron” bike that is a custom made Arlen Ness Victory motorcycle, as see in his recent episode of CNBC’s “Secret Lives of the Super Rich”. The lime green flame livery machine with several Patron logos takes center stage having the ability to run on the brand’s Tequila.

Video: A motorcycle powered by Patron Tequila
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The custom ride was commissioned by bike designer Arlen Ness and Victory Motorcycles. The carburation was re-tuned and re-adjusted to run on tequila, the drink that contains 38% - 55% alcohol. Other mechanical changes were not discussed here, and we are scouring the internet for the same.

Paul says “I’ve never filled it with Patron totally up. It’d be a very expensive fill.” Why does a billionaire care about a several hundred dollars? Can’t say for sure but if I happen to have one machine running on just tequila, I would deinetely feel the pinch to have ended up spending exactly $1200 to fill up a 10-gallon tank with the Gran Patron Platinum tequila.

John Paul DeJoria’s custom motorcycle was built to run on Patron tequila from CNBC.

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