Motorsports is dangerous. High powered machines need a great amount of skill to control them, especially when the throttle is fully open and the rider is demanding full power. The torque produced at the rear wheels of these machines necessitate the bike’s front end to lift and the rider ends up with a “wheelie”.

Not a bad thing if you ask me, but one has to know that they have perfected that skill with loads of practice. Letting go of the throttle at the right time is very important for not overdoing it. Luckily riders these days have electronic wizardry like Launch control and Lift control helping them stay safe.

But when blokes go racing, all electronic features will be turned off and the rider has only his skill to prove. But sometimes, in an attempt to get ahead of the pack, riders go overboard and try a little too hard, and when their stars don’t align for the day, then end up falling off the bike without being able to control it.

Video: A racer walks away from a crash after bad start. But see how close he gets
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Video: A racer walks away from a crash after bad start. But see how close he gets
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This video shared by the Facebook page “Remotes Cuiaba” shows how an unlucky racer escaped after falling off his bike at the start. He couldn’t control the wheelie at the start and ended up losing the bike after a vertical. Having started the race at the front, the majority of the racers head towards him, and no one will wish to slow down.

The fallen rider scrambles to get to safety and luckily, a few starts did align for him to escape from the flock of bikes whizzing past him. He did however got clipped by one or two inches by another racer who had already gone wide passing another bike.

Phew… that was a close one

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