The Aprilia RSV4 has raced and been compared to a number of different things over the years so it’s a little refreshing that for a change, Aprilia USA is taking its competitive juices aside to pay tribute to the the of man’s greatest technological achievement: the space shuttle.

When the first shuttle mission launched back in 1981, it opened the gates for a golden age in technological advancements that coursed through various industries, including the automotive and motorcycle segments. The space shuttle program made so many things possible in this world and opened our eyes to a world full of never-before-though-of possibilities.

Now that the space shuttle is nearing its end, the folks over at Aprilia USA have released a pretty cool video paying tribute to the space shuttle program and all the men and women responsible for designing, building, and operating the very machine that made space travel possible.

As part of the video, Aprilia uses facts from both the space shuttle and their very own RSV4 superbike to note how the former set the precedent - in more ways than one - for the latter, and so many other machines, to become the technological marvels that they are in their own right.

It’s not so much a comparison video this time around for the RSV4, but more of Aprilia tipping their helmets off to one of mankind’s finest achievements as it makes its final voyage into the cosmos.


Source: Aprilia

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  (291) posted on 07.12.2011

As expected from the Aprilia they have made an incredible high speed performing bikes!It seems that it offers a smooth driving experience just like a space shuttle! BTW, the background of the video sounds so nostalgicsmiley

  (392) posted on 07.12.2011

Wow!It seems that engine performance of the Aprilia seems incredible since they were the first to use the ride-wire throttle system. And looking were this bike was inspired, I bet it would run like the speed of the space shuttle.

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