Red Bull stunt rider and European stunt champion Aras Gibieza has an impressive set of skills that not a lot of people can boast of having. For one, he’s pretty good at doing things on a bike that I can’t even begin to imagine being able to pull of even if I had the flexibility of a rubber band.

Recently, Gibieza was on hand for a handful of preliminary India Bike Week on Tour events throughout India, promoting the upcoming week-long event from February 20 to 21, 2015 at Goa, India. His attendance in this road tour of sorts was more than enough to attract a lot of people, most of whom got a first-hand view at some of Gibieza’s sickest stunts on a motorbike.

The man can really do it all, or at least do everything that someone like me can only dream about doing. Back-end wheelies, one-wheeled donuts, grounded Superman stunts, Gibieza performed all of them with the ease and aplomb of somebody who rightfully deserves the title of European stunt champion.

Check out the video we got from YouTube user iklikk Photography showcasing Gibieza do some of the sickest bike stunts you’ll ever see.


Source: YouTube

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