Arnold Schwarzenegger may be busy promoting his new movie, Terminator Genisys, in London, but he also found time to throw a little shout out to London Mayor Boris Johnson and his ingenious bicycle-for-hire scheme, Boris Bikes.

Apparently, Schwarzenegger is a big fan of Boris Bikes because when he wasn’t doing any of his media obligations for the movie, he was busy shuffling around the city, going from one landmark to another using only a Boris Bike as his mode of transportation. Arnie even posted a series of Snapchat clips on his Facebook page, detailing the sites he was in and pretty much being the all-around cool guy everybody knows him to be.

His support of Boris Bikes isn’t all that surprising too considering that the scheme was instituted by Mayor Johnson as a way to curb traffic in London and more importantly, offer its residents and tourists a cheaper and more efficient way to go about their business in the city. Schwarzenegger himself is a huge proponent of environmental protection and is one of the fiercest advocates in the fight to curb pollution in some of the world’s biggest cities.

Naturally, eagle-eyed fans of the Terminator immediately recognized him as he was cycling around London with some, at least according to reports from UK newspapers, even castigating him for riding without a helmet. All in good fun, it seems, because Schwarzenegger was quick to reply in his Twitter account with a humorous jab of his own: “In case I do get hit, can you give me a list of body shops so I know where to direct the drivers to fix their cars?”

I love how you’re promoting Boris Bikes, Arnold. But yeah, please wear a helmet while you’re at it. If you’re going to champion environmental awareness, might as well do it with road safety, too, right?


Source: Facebook - Arnold Schwarzenegger

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