Polaris Industries is making a lot of waves these days for seemingly scooping up one motorcycle brand after another. As far as getting its name across media outlets are concerned, Polaris is doing one heck of a job.

But the company is still a motorcycle manufacturer at heart and its lineup of brands - Indian Motorcycles and Victory Motorcycles being the most prominent - showcases just how much cache Polaris enjoys these days. It already has an impressive collection of brands under its belt, but you can argue that Indian Motorcycles remains one of its most prominent brands.

That’s probably the reason why the latter, in collaboration with the De Moines Register, decided to give all of us a behind-the-scenes look at what happens inside an Indian Motorcycles factory. This is the side of the business we rarely get to see because, quite frankly, watching a bike being built by machines from scratch isn’t what most people will describe as must-see viewing.

I’m part of that small group, though, because I find the whole process fascinating on so many levels. Recently, Indian Motorcycles and the De Moines Register, released a video showing us exactly what happens inside its factory in Spirit Lake, Iowa. The company’s director of operations, Cory Knudtson, gave us the lowdown on the intricacies in building an Indian bike, beginning with the putting together of components all the way to quality checks just to make sure that the bikes are running in absolute peak condition.
It’s a fascinating video and I suggest you guys give it your attention.


Source: De Moines Register

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