This time of the year only means one thing to moto riders and their teams. The Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250, an off-road race that takes place on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, takes place at this time of the year and just as it always has, the race drew its fair share of teams competing to take down the event.

One team that was in attendance during the race was the MSR-bascked WFOx racing team, featuring riders Colton Udal and Justin Jones. Not only did Udal and Jones have a good showing at the race, but they actually won it, ensuring bragging rights over the entire competitive field for at least one year.

This video documents the journey of the WFOx racing team, beginning days before the event and leading up to their triumphant victory. But it wasn’t just Udal and Jones that staked their name on the podium. Sure, they finished first overall to win the race, but their sister team featuring riders Mark Samuels and Ray Dal Soglio came away from the race with a pretty impressive second-place finish. Not too bad, right?

Check out the video to see how the team prepared for the race and the trails they blazed on their way to finishing the race in first and second place. Pretty impressive stuff right there.


Source: YouTube - MSRSeventyOne

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