We have no shortage of scenic routes here in the US so it’s fair to say that we can get our share of motorcycle adventures in our own backyard. But if you really want to embark on a real adventure, Europe and Asia are the places to be. Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman already did something like this years ago. Now, Compass Expeditions is recreating it in this new documentary called, “Beyond Siberia - Road of Bones.”

The title of the documentary is pretty self-explanatory. In it, a team of motorcycle riders, under the supervision of Compass Expeditions, embark on a 28,500-kilometer (16,500 miles) trip from London to Magadan in Eastern Russia. The whole adventure lasted 105 days and the team passed through 16 different countries in 11 different time zones.

If those numbers aren’t staggering enough, consider that the team of riders experienced pretty much every kind of road imaginable in weather conditions that ranged from blazing heat to freezing cold. Now that’s what you call an adventure.

The Beyond Siberia documentary will be made available on DVD in the next few months, but if you want to get a sneak peek of what these riders went through, check out the video and ask yourself if you could pull off something like that.

If you said, yes, well, you have a chance to actually prove it.

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Why it matters

Should you be brave enough to tackle this adventure, Compass Expeditions is actually offering the exact same route as a tourist package. All you need is $30,990 if you plan on using your own bike for the trip. If that’s not an option, Compass Expeditions will provide you a BMW R1200GS but the cost goes up to $46,215.

It’s a steep price to ask for anybody, but it does come with meals and accommodations for the entire duration of the trip, not to mention technical support in case your bike bogs down at any point in the tour.

Compass Expeditions is also offering other BMW bikes if you’re not digging the R1200GS, including the F700GS (my ideal choice) and the F800GS. The prices will vary depending on the bike you choose, as it will in the event you forego a full trip in favor of doing shorter distance rides. The tour group offers a choice to riders to join the tour when it crosses Istanbul, Turkey or Moscow, Russia.

That might be a better alternative if you can’t handle the entire trip.

I don’t know if I’ll have the time to leave for over three months to join this trip, but if I did, I’d sign up in a heartbeat. It’s not everyday that you can join a tour this epic. The fact that you get to do it while visiting all of these countries looks and sounds even more incredible.

But hey, if you’re not down for any of it or you don’t have the time, buying the "Beyond Siberia - Road of Bones" documentary is still a good and far cheaper alternative.

Source: ADV Pulse

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