We’ve all been through that phase when we considered tricycles as the coolest rides in the world. I know I had that experience when I was a young boy. But while a lot of us eventually grow our ways past it, there are some that remain so fascinated by this three-wheelers that we devote our adulthood in finding bigger and better ways to appreciate that thrill.

SFD Industries is in that phase as we speak and the company has put that conviction to good use with the development of the motorised Big Wheel Drift Trike. The vehicle is as the name suggests. It’s basically a tricycle with an enormous front wheel - 26 inches in diameter! - and complemented by a two smaller 3-inch wheels at the back. Oh, and it’s motorized, too. That means riders don’t have to worry about pedalling their trikes to get it going. A 6.5-horsepower engine already takes care of that, ensuring that our primary purpose for riding this trike is to engage it in a little drifting adventure.

In addition to the big front wheel and the surprisingly powerful engine, the Big Wheel Drift Trike also features a solid frame carefully designed for safety purposes and made from .095 chro-moly steel to go with CNC that was designed specifically to suit the trike’s overall configuration. SFD Industries also added matching forks and bars, ensuring that the trike runs in tip top shape in most road conditions. Likewise, the trike also comes with rear aluminium axle sports anodized components to match the black anodized rims while the rear section also comes with hydraulic brakes for improved control.

As you can evidently see from the video, the Big Wheel Drift Trike is incredibly cool to look at. The overall shape is unique to a tricycle and kinda reminds you of an off-road cruiser. That’s probably a big reason why SFD Industries is charging $2,400 just for a piece. It’s a pretty step price to pay, but if money is no object, you can actually give the trike a slew of upgrades, including custom colors, a two-tone paint finish, motocross grips, a twist throttle, disc-operated front brakes, a fuel cell, and a dust plate. If you’re looking to get the Big Wheel Drift Trike with the entirety of bells and whistles available to the tricycle, you could go up and just fork over the $3,555 for the whole shebang.

If you still need some kind of convincing, might I suggest watching this video. Then you’ll probably have a pretty clear idea how awesome the Big Wheel Drift Trike really is.


Kirby Garlitos
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