I often give riders a lot of flak for being careless with their motorcycles. While it may seem like I’m singling out these people for their apparent disregard safety, I actually post these videos to make sure everybody understands the inherent risks that come with riding a bike.

If you exercise safety, then you should be fun. But if not, you’re going to get involved in an accident of some sort. I don’t know when, but it’ll probably come sooner than later.

Then there’s this: it’s not always the rider’s fault. That’s something that I also recognize, which is why I’m taking time out from posting hilarious bike stunt fails to show you a video of a rider who came literally within inches of getting slammed hard into a Cadillac Escalade’s windshield.

There’s far less action in this particular video than what you’re used to from me. But pay close attention to the 0:18 mark. The rider is turning left after seeing that the traffic light on his side had turned green. No issues there, right?

Just as he was about to clear his turn, the driver of a Cadillac Escalade decides to run a red light and literally came within inches of slamming into the poor rider. I can’t begin to imagine the damage that would’ve caused if the Escalade was moving a little faster.

The rider might not even be alive right now if that happened. That’s the lesson here. No matter how safe-conscious you are with yourself and your ride, you always need to pay careful attention to your environment, or things like this might happen to you and you end up killing somebody.


Source: Daily Motion

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