In a somewhat unusual turn of events, a motorcycle rider narrowly avoided getting crushed by an oncoming SUV but ended up hurt anyway after his sudden swerve ended up with him going airborne by at least 8 meters (my own estimate) before crashing down in a heap.
It’s an incredible video to watch, but it’s still pretty terrifying considering how badly hurt the rider ended up being.

I can’t begin to imagine the pain the guy was when he landed back to earth after that sudden airborne crash, but for the sake of the injured fella, I pray that his spill only resulted in a few broken bones.

Given the alternative of getting hit by an SUV, I’d say that he was lucky that his injuries came from his spill instead of the car crash. Something tells me that had the latter happened, they’d be trying to pry some of his remains off of that SUV’s windshield.

Check out the video and try to keep the volume down if you’re in a public place. There’s some understandably NSFW language in there as his ride buddies frantically try to get to him after his crash.

Get well soon, sir, and thank the good Lord that you’re still alive.


Source: YouTube

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