or else you might mow down Ryan Reynolds

“Hey driver, I know you are busy texting or watching a movie, or just busy getting a shut eye, but please watch for motorcyclists.”

Using Ryan Reynolds, that pretty smart. Who doesn’t love him? He is handsome, he is funny (go watch Deadpool if you want to know), he is charismatic and most important of all, he loves motorcycles just like all of us.

This video by the Tobacco Motorwear Company was released on the social media platform a few days ago and has been one of the best ones I’ve come across asking road users to pay attention while on the road.

Video: Bikers telling you drivers why you need to pay attention on the road
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Video: Bikers telling you drivers why you need to pay attention on the road
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Riders have been on the receiving end of major traffic accidents and fatalities for the minimum protection they are surrounded with unlike the cocoon of cars. Not saying drivers are the worst (I am myself a driver too), but sometimes they get these urges to take their eyes off the road just to text someone or watch a video, or just use their phones thinking everything is already fine.

But doing that, your car may end up swerving into the next lane or void you of applying brakes at the right moment because your eyes were on the phone and not the road. These small things can let into major catastrophes if your stars aren’t aligned for the day. And there is a slight possibility that you might end up bumping or crashing into Ryan Reynolds and scarring his face for life. !

“How would the world feel about that? You will kill Deadpool. The internet will eat you alive. “

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