The all-new BMW S1000XR is considered as one of the most versatile bikes to come out of Munich in recent years. It has the performance credentials of the S1000RR and the comfort and “tour-ability” of the R1200GS. Suffice to say, the S1000XR combines the best of both worlds in one impressive package, creating a new niche altogether for customers who prefer an equal dose of power and comfort on their bikes.

That’s pretty much the story of one of BMW’s newest machines and the reception it has received is proof positive that a lot of customers are beginning to find the appeal in a cross-bred bike that leaves little off the table.

If it’s power you’re looking for, the S1000XR’s 160-horsepower output is more than enough to keep you acutely aware of you surroundings. Conversely, if it’s comfort you’re after, the S1000XR addresses that, too, thanks in large part to BMW’s decision to use a frame dedicated to long-range touring.

The bike also gets the benefit of having numerous tech packages available to it. This is crucial for those who may want to get the most out of their machines, whether it’s through improving the bike’s performance capabilities or simply fitting new touring equipment to further bring its sport-adventure appeal to the surface.

And in case you’re wondering how the S1000XR translates to the road, this unedited video of the bike’s action scenes will give you a pretty good idea on what you’re in store for when you take the S1000XR for a ride.


Source: YouTube

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