Here’s a lesson you might want to learn before you even decide to go to Cambodia: don’t ride motorcycles naked. Actually, the same idea applies anywhere in the world, unless you want to get arrested. But the Southeast Asian country isn’t playing any games. Shortly after the video went viral, the driver of the bike, identified as 24-year old British student Crawford Brown has been deported out of Cambodia together with his companions, Finnish Catarina Aarnio and Italian Giancarlo Allocca.

The three were caught on video riding naked in Cambodia before being stopped by police. Turns out, such acts of indecent exposure are incredibly frowned upon in the Buddhist nation and are treated as violations of the country’s customs and culture.

It’s hard to fault the country for resorting to this type of punishment. I’ve personally been to Cambodia and yes, it’s a beautiful country. But they’re also pretty protective of their culture and religion, and such acts are incredibly insulting to the people there.

And according to the Cambodia Daily, the General Department of Immigration in the country has officially recommended that the three be expelled from the country as their punishment. Again, there’s no argument to be made against that decision.

So chalk it up to an embarrassing episode that yielded big time consequences for the three individuals. Hopefully, they learn from their mistakes and we learn not to underestimate the level of tolerance other countries have for these acts of indecency.


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