It might be a little hard to believe but before the industry became inundated with so many autocycles, there was a point in history when few companies would even consider building such vehicles. One such company that can be considered one of the pioneers of the modern-day autocycle is Campagna. This year, the Canadian firm is celebrating a milestone as its very own three-wheeler, the T-Rex, turns 20 years old.

I know what you’re thinking: the T-Rex is 20 years old? It is somewhat strange, isn’t it? Where has the time gone? I can even remember being a young thunder cat who thought that the T-Rex was straight out of the Jetsons back when it first came out in 1995. It was the first time I had been introduced to the concept of a three-wheeled vehicle so naturally, my imagination run wild with it.

But these days, attocycles are growing in number by the year. But in some ways, a lot of these new models should extend a gesture of appreciation towards the T-Rex for paving the way for this unique niche back when most people thought that were nothing more than fads.

So as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the T-Rex, let’s also give a shout out to Campagna for breaking the mold with a vehicle that not a lot people thought would last two years, let alone 20.

Congratulations, fellas!


Source: Vimeo

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