Every motorcycle show these days seem to reserve a part of the festivities for some kind of stunt show. It’s a great way to get the attention of visitors and showcase the incredible skills and talents of stunt riders who risk life and limb for the sake of entertainment.

The recently concluded Toronto Motorcycle Show hosted one such event and as captured by YouTube user “REx4x4”, we got to see some of the most incredible and admittedly dizzying stunts on a bike that we’ve seen in quite some time. There’s a whole plate of ‘em, too. We got burnouts, front and rear wheelies, balancing handlebars, and a whole lot more tomfoolery to keep the gathered riveted to the spectacle.

The stunt show is yet another example on why we love motorcycles. It’s pretty hard to do these kinds of things on cars, but with bikes, we all get to see it, marvel at the skills involved in pulling off these stunts, and go home wondering how we can do those stunts ourselves.

Fair warning, though. Don’t do these stunts! I don’t want to be a reason somebody got a little too inspired by watching this video and ended up getting hurt trying to replicate them. Just watch them and appreciate their hustle. That should be enough.


Source: YouTube

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