Performing motorcycle stunts in closed circuits are dangerous enough in it of themselves. But Chris “Teach” McNeil is not your regular stunt rider.

Known mostly for his incredible exploits on a bike, McNeil, together with motorcycle jacket line Joe Rocket, recently took the challenge of going up to Hunter Mountain in New York using McNeil’s BMW F800GS.

While the video itself looks like a promotional clip to showcase Joe Rocket’s next generation Ballistic Revolution motorcycle - “it represents a series advancement so significant, it’s more Revolution than Evolution,” so says Joe Rocket - it also comes with an incredible array of motorcycle stunts that not a lot of people are capable of pulling of. McNeil even drives on whatever surface he finds himself in, wasting little time showing everyone why he’s earned the nickname “Teach”.

Mix in some scenic shots of Hunter Mountain and you have a video that accomplishes a lot in just a little over three minutes. We get to see Joe Rocket’s new digs, enjoy the breathtaking scenery of upstate New York, and most importantly, watch McNeil do what he does best.

Kind of makes you want to buy the jacket, zip up, and take a ride of your own, right? Then again, none of us have the skill and stunt-riding talent of Chris McNeil. We can buy the Joe Rocket, though. That’s the easy part. Doing those stunts? Not so much.


Source: YouTube - Joe Rocket

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