Fans of the hit AMC show The Walking Dead understand that the show’s zombie culture lends itself to the belief that there’s nothing more important in the show than to survive. Granted, it’s really up to the show runners and who they decide to kill off on any given episode, but if you’re in their good graces, then you’re probably safe from having a zombie chomp away your limbs.

Norman Reeds has been one of the main cast members of the Walking Dead and if you remember earlier in the series, his character, Daryl Dixon, had a motorcycle to help him hunt down zombies. He ended up losing it at some point in the series, but now it appears that Reedus ready to jump back in the saddle with a new custom bike created by custom builder Classified Moto.

So how did Classified Moto get the gig? Well, it turns out that Reedus himself suggested the tuner to the producers since he already had a history with the company from a previous custom bike it did for him in the past. In addition, Classified Moto has also had an imprint in Hollywood, having done projects for a number of other celebrities in the past.

So at the request of Reedus and with the blessing of the show’s producers, Classified Moto created a pair of spartan Honda bikes that should fit right in with the post-apocalyptic world of the show.

Check out the video above detailing the process behind the creation of Daryl Dixon’s new bike for the show. Hopefully, he doesn’t lose this one like the last bike he had. Seeing him riding a bike with a crossbow in tow and hunting down zombies will probably end up becoming the least depressing part about that show.


Source: YouTube - AMC

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