You know how drones have become as much a part of today’s world as any other new-age gadget there is in the market? We’ve all had some kind of experience with drones, and no, I’m not talking about the military type that performs unmanned missions in God-knows-where.

I’m talking about drones that are sold commercially. These drones are the types that we can play with and that’s exactly what stunt rider Palatinus Attila used in one of his most recent motorcycle stunt videos. Created by Instar Films, this video features Attila doing what he does best and that’s perform motorcycle stunts that everyday Joes like us can only dream of pulling of.

But this time, Attila was joined by a drone, and a pretty curious one at that. While it would’ve been a little cooler to see some shots of Attila performing these stunts from the “drones-eye-view,” it was still pretty sweet watching a man known for his daredevil stunt riding in his natural element doing what he does best.

Give the video a watch and I guarantee that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. Just don’t get any ideas and try doing these stunts yourself. Remember, Attila is a pro at this and well, most of us are not.


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