It’s often a theme among cars, especially those small enough to fit small engines, that some motorcycle engines find their way under the hood of certain types of vehicles. But rare is the day when the opposite holds true, especially when said car engine belongs to a Lamborghini. Granted, putting an engine on a motorbike isn’t inexactly unheard of. But a Lamborghini V-12? Yeah, that doesn’t happen a lot, if it does it all.

But anything is possible, which probably explains the monstrosity we saw at a recent Caffeine and Octane meet in Alpharetta, Georgia. At first glance, the customized bike looks like any other cruiser, albeit an alarmingly long one. But when you take a closer look, you begin to realize that this bike isn’t just your typical steel-toe prowler sporting a normal engine. It’s actually carrying a massive 6.5-liter V-12 engine. And not just any V-12 engine. It’s a Lamborghini V-12 engine.

We’re not quite sure how that engine found its way inside that cruiser, but quite frankly, who cares! It’s a Lamborghini V-12-powered bike that certainly has all the qualifications of a prowler on two wheels.

The unmistakable roar of the engine when the bike comes to life is absolutely a thrill to the senses. It’s just like hearing the pop when you turn on the engine of an actual Lamborghini, except that when you turn around, you’re not greeted by a Murcielago or a Gallardo, but a two-wheeled powerhouse that can probably put all other bikes to shame.

This is how you catch people’s attention, folks.


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