Ever had a dream where you’re all suited up in full supermoto gear and you’re sliding along a track with MotoGP’s very own Dani Pedrosa? Seems like a good place to be in, right? Well, the European Luc1 supermoto team had such a moment even though the whole thing was nothing more than a pre-arranged production content.

The team nicknamed the Sultans of Slide has released a new video that proves that its more than just one of the best trials squads in the world. In it, Luc1 was able to feature none other than Pedrosa in full trials action, far from the Spanish rider’s fast-paced, full-throttle day job in MotoGP. Perhaps the current summer break in MotoGP gave Pedrosa enough time to participate in the video?

Whatever the case may be, we got the treat of seeing Pedrosa slide his way into hearts, proving how versatile he is as a motorcycle racer. Put him in a superbike and he’s going to get you results. Put him in a trials bike and he feels just as at home as he does in his trusty RC213V. That’s called all-world talent, ladies and gentlemen.

As for Luc1, the team does what it always does best: provide us with incredible joy just by watching them. As it turns out, the team also has quite the production prowess, too. Just goes to show that when you’re surrounded by talented people with a passion for what they do, you can make magic happen.

It’s not what we’re used to from Luc1 and Pedrosa for that matter - the acting needs some work, Dani - but hey, at the end of the day, it’s entertainment for us, from the people we love to root for.

Can’t get any better than that.


Source: Luc1 Motorsport

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