I’m a risk-averse person. I’ll be the first to admit that. For the most part, I don’t like being put in situations that puts the concept of control beyond my reach. I know it’s not the most adventurous position to be in, but I’ve lived long enough to know where my limits are. Danny Macaskill is my exact opposite. Known for his daredevil exploits, the Scottish trials cyclist who, unlike me, has a serious itch for extreme mountain biking. Macaskill’s known passion for this activity is well-documented because, well, he actually filmed a mini-film of him doing precisely that in the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

The film, appropriately called “The Ridge” features Macaskill hopping on his mountain bike and embarking on arguably the nuttiest trip around the world famous tourist attraction. While I don’t advise tourists to take a similar approach as Macaskill in enjoying the sights and sounds of the Isle of Skye, I do appreciate the fact that the man can document his ride around the Scottish Highlands in the most scenic and picturesque way imaginable, capping it off by literally standing on top of the Cuillin Ridgeline with his mountain bike in tow.

The sight of him seemingly watching over the entire of Isle of Skye is absolutely breath-taking. I can’t imagine myself being that position, but I can definitely admire somebody else who does it.

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