Sometimes the best inventions are born from the simplest ideas. I just invented that quote a few seconds, even though somebody might already have a more astute interpretation of the quote. But I’ll leave that for others to decide. What’s important is that the said quote certainly applies to what this father built for his son.

Using a simple set of everyday items, this Dad of the Month candidate was able to build a go-kart using only a handful of items normally scattered in anybody’s garage.

A close look reveals a lot of slabs of wood, some strings, a a handful of screws, a Yellow Frisbee, and at the back, a cordless electric drill. I’m not quite sure how the dad was able to build the whole setup and actually make it work, but the mechanical story behind it isn’t as heart-warming as seeing his son thoroughly enjoy the do-it-yourself ride.

Well done, dad. Also, can you build one for me, too?


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