• Video: Ducati 1098S challenges Nissan Skyline GTR around Cadwell Park

    Ducati 1098S vs Nissan Skyline GTR

Here at Top Speed we can’t get enough of watching car vs motorcycle videos and after seeing a few, this particular one in which a Ducati 1098S challenges Nissan Skyline GTR around Cadwell Park circuit caught our attention. I put my money on the bike.


Source: autocar via motoblog

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  (412) posted on 07.15.2011

Well, the questioned would be if the bike and sportscar were tuned up? Although the GTR is a high speed performing vehicle I have to say the weight is a big deal here.

  (466) posted on 07.15.2011

Recently, I have watched the same scenario! And I have to say that the bike win the race. Well, wit the lightness of motorbike no wonder why it faster compare to a sportscar.

  (434) posted on 06.27.2011

Well, its a sort of a logic that when a vehicle is lighter the speed would be faster and I think you are right with that..Bike always win and I don’t think that this race is fair.

  (448) posted on 06.27.2011

This is not really my first time seeing a car race with a bike.. And I’m afraid that the weight of these vehicles have something to do with their speed performance. Let’s face it..the bike is lighter.

  (683) posted on 03.7.2011

I think some people where wrong for calling GTR a “SKYLINE”. Skyline refers to G35/G37. Well, GTR deserved praises. It never compromise!

  (2) posted on 02.2.2010

Great comparison of vehicle dynamics. I wound up learing thei lesson myself. I have a favorite peice of road here in Orange County California. It is a secret place know only to me and say 15 milloin Southern Californians. It goes bay a few names Hiway 74, The Tega, Ticket Lane, Over the hill, or Ortega Highway. It by the way has nothing to do with the canned chili made popular in the 1970s by Carls Jr. It is an old road recently regraded which crosses the Santa Ana Mountains between Lake ELsinore in Riverside County and San Juan Capistrano in Orange County.

It is a techincal B road 1 lane easch direction with three distict characters. THe lower mountain which is a series of sweepers and mainly constant radius curves (all comment heading east) with 300 to 1500 yard straight sections that rapidly changes character after about 11 miles into a tight road of tight turns some ofdecreasing radius, short striaghts, rockfalls, and other debis, to the upper section with a number of constant sweepers, reasonable straights, little road debris and good forward vision for planning. Length from the Intersection of the toll road to the Oulook (a roadhaus) 22 miles

In the past I kept records of my attempts on different bikes. (All time downhill). I have ridden this fairly hard on a cx 500 honda, (24 min.) 86 Yamaha Venture Royale (Scarier than it sounds) 22.5 min. Kawasaki H2 with Denco Heads and Kerker Exhaust (open) 20.5 min. (1 mile plus further since the toll road did not exist, I timed to the old city limits sign by the fruit stand.) (Nearly as scary as the Yamaha and harder to ride). I do not remember the other times.

One day about 8 years ago I tried the drive in a car. a 1995 Honda Accord wagon with new Goodyear Wingfoots (farily siticky for the time only lasted about 18K miles), 5 speed, Semimettalic brake pads, 16 inch tires. KYB shocks, Some off brand Cat Back system, and nothing in the car but me and gas. 21 min to the intersection.
Oh and it was damnned easy to hit that time. If I pushed it i could better it by about 30 sec. Times were rugh, no real equipment.

Why did the car do so well? FIrst it a decent hadling car to begin with. Second the wagon had 200 extra pounds on the rear calming down the usual honda understeer, third,new sticky times with lotsa contact area, and good brakes.

Not hardly fair nor scientific, just interesting.

  (1022) posted on 01.27.2010

of course 1098s is light and fast to maneuver, the GT-R is Heavy and can’t easily maneuver. in that case the 1098s has the advantage over cornering.

  (823) posted on 01.6.2010

Good video that 1098S is fast I bet the 1098R would be even faster.
To the Ducati rider that was cool ridin the way he took the corners was great.smiley

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