The Ducati “Scrambler You Are” video contest has returned for seconds a year after a successful first instalment that received thousands of entries from all over the world. Guess the old adage “if it works the first time, do it again” applies here.

In any case, the objective of the video contest is still the same: discover young and talented film makers and give them a platform to showcase their film-making skills.

This year, Ducati is promoting the “Land of Joy” lifestyle theme for the contest. Taken from that context, the objective is pretty simple: express the spirit of the Ducati Scrambler on the “urban jungle” and create a short movie about it lasting anywhere from 60 to 120 seconds. The more you showcase the Scrambler in a metropolitan habitat, the better chance you have of getting the judge’s attention.

Anybody from all over the world is invited to join the contest, provided, of course, that participants are over 18 years of age. Oh, the videos must be filmed digitally and must not have been published previously online.

If entrants can abide by these rules, then they’re free to submit an entry for a chance to win as much as €5,000, or roughly around $5,600 based on current exchange rates. The runner-up will also receive €1,000, or about $1,120.

Even if you don’t win these admittedly tempting prizes, Ducati’s also dangling a separate carrot to a lucky entrant who will get the opportunity to work with the company in the production of a short film about the Scrambler. That’s an even better prize than the money!

Ducati will open the submission of entires from July 13, 2015 up to October 20, 2015. That should be enough time for aspiring filmmakers to come up with the stories they’d want to tell in their 60- to 120-second videos.

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Why it matters

I’m not a filmmaker, nor do I aspire to be one. This contest really isn’t for me, which is a bummer because that €5,000 first place prize sure looks mighty attractive.

Unfortunately, if I made a video of this sort, my entry would probably resemble something a first grader could’ve done. I’m bad at it. I make no bones about it.

But there are people who have that innate talent in film-making and they’re the ones that should get really excited about joining this competition. Speaking for my friends who are filmmakers, I know what the thought process is when it comes to making films, or works of art, as they call it.

These films are expressions of their personalities, kind of like how a painter makes paintings or a sculptor makes, well, sculptures.

There’s a reason why filmmakers take great pride in being able to tell a story through the lens of a camera no matter how short or long it may be. Whether it’s a 60-second short film like the ones required by this competition, or a beautiful 6-hour marathon movie, there’s an intrinsic aspect about making these films that gives filmmakers an outlet to express themselves.

That’s what Ducati is looking for with this competition. The more personality an entry has, I’d like to think the more chance it has of getting Ducati’s attention.

Source: Scrambler Ducati

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