Ducati’s teaser tour ahead of the 2015 EICMA Motorcycle Show continues with the release of the “This Is X” teaser campaign. Those who have been following Borno Panigale’s recent attempts to hype its participation at the EICMA show should remember the “This Is Black” campaign that it rolled out in September 2015. Well, consider “This Is X” to be the follow up to that.

To no one’s surprise, the “This Is X” teaser is as vague and mysterious as its predecessor. It really doesn’t show or talk about anything specifically related to Ducati other than the brief second where the company’s logo appears towards the end. But the big chunk of the teaser alludes to various things like the “intersection of worlds” and the “multiplication of potential.”

Those are definitely words to live by if you’re a poet of some sort, but I highly doubt that anybody who watched the video knows what Ducati is talking about exactly. Adding to the confusion is the prevalent signs and allusions to the letter “X,” all of which explains absolutely nothing that can point to what Ducati’s plans are.

My best guess on the meaning of “X” is that it’s a new model that will make its debut at EICMA. Sure, it’s not a groundbreaking declaration, but I’m actually referring to a bike that may be the first of its kind for Ducati. We already know that the 959 Panigale and the Hypermotard 939 will be shown at EICMA, but don’t be surprised if another bike model, perhaps a crossover of some sort, shows up in Ducati’s booth.

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Why it matters

Contrary to what I let on, I’ve never been really good with teaser videos because of the excitement and/or anxiety I get every time I watch one. It’s especially true for models that I’ve been waiting for a long time. This one, though, has me stumped. I don’t know what it is, or what it’s talking about other than the continuous allusions to the letter X.

I have to give credit to Ducati for taking this particular approach to this teaser. It didn’t show anything related to what it plans to show at EICMA and to make things even more confusing, it approached the teaser like it’s some kind of high-brow trailer that only a few people could understand. On that end, congratulations, Ducati. You left me more confused than I was before I watched this teaser. Now I can’t wait to know more about this mystery bike.

It’s the classic hook, line, and sinker strategy and Ducati masterfully achieved it with this teaser video. I’ve even talked to some of my peers in the motorcycle business and none of them have any tangible ideas on what this bike is going to be. There have been theories, but nothing with enough proof to make complete sense.

So yeah, stay tuned, right? I just hope that the next teaser video, if there ever is one, is a little more straight to the point than this one. A brief glimpse of the bike wouldn’t hurt too, right Ducati?

Source: Ducati

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