We all have collections. Some of us collect stamps. Some of us collect Coca-Cola memorabilia. Some of us even collect bottle caps. David Silver is a collector, too, only his collection is a lot more significant than bottle caps. He collects Honda motorcycles and he doesn’t just collect run-of-the-mill types. He collects the good ones, dating back to the first Cub F engine from 1952 all the way to the first Honda Fireblade that made its debut in 1992. That and pretty much everything else in between.

Silver’s collection is arguably the most comprehensive Honda motorcycle collections outside of Honda’s very own museum in Japan. Honda said so itself and when the company freely admits as much, then it must be true.

With so many Honda motorcycles he owns, including 125 bikes he purchased from a fellow Honda bike collector in Pennsylvania, Silver’s now planning to showcase his entire collection by building an actual museum dedicated to all the bikes he has collected over the years.

As a fan of Honda motorcycles, I have to admit finding myself with my jaws on the floor on more than one occasion after watching this video. It’s not just that Silver’s got all these classic Hondas neatly tucked away in whatever space he can find in his garage; it’s that a lot of these classics appear to be in tip-top condition, which is more than what you can say for a lot of collections these days.

If you have the time, I strongly encourage all of you to watch this video prepared by Honda’s Dream magazine. At the very least, David Silver’s collection is going to blow you away.


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