Spanish FMX rider Marc Pinyol isn’t a stranger to insane stunts, but his most recent derring-do just might be his nuttiest one yet. The freestyle motocross rider just performed the world’s first Inside Roll, a stunt that involves performing one forward roll from the seat of the bike as it flies through the air, doing it all with a tremendous amount of timing and coordination. If it sounds difficult, it’s because it is.

But Pinyol somehow manages to do it, thanks in large part to what could be best described as a fearless approach in inventing new tricks. The mid-air display is incredible. He first sends his dirt bike up in the air to get a lot of hang time before performing the trick quite literally from the seat of his pants. Pinyol somehow manages to do the Inside Roll just as the bike hits paydirt, taking control of his ride at the exact time to finish off the stunt.

I’ve seen plenty of stunts in my time watching freestyle motocross, but this one really is a first. It just goes to show you the amount of innovation needed to succeed in the sport and more importantly, the guts these riders have to forsake life and limb for a chance at FMX glory. The Inside Roll perfectly embodies that and for my money, I don’t think Pinyol is done inventing new stunts.

Who knows, he might just pull off the Inverted Inside Roll, the Outside Roll, or whatever new stunt he conjures up in that sick mind of his. For now, though, enjoy watching the world’s first Inside Roll and like everything else involving freestyle motocross, be advised not to try this stunt at home…or anywhere, for that matter.


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