Here’s a tip if you’re going to do some kind of silly bike stunt on a busy road. Make sure that a) you have a helmet on, and b) you’re not disturbing the traffic that will most likely build up if you somehow make a mess out of your stunt.

The dude in this video forgot to do both things, which is why he gets the ignominious honor of being called out for his foibles. The stunts themselves were pretty neat so I’m going to give him some props too. But he gets little to no love from me for risking life and limb without any safety equipment on. In fact, those sunglasses of his is probably the closest thing to a safety equipment he has on.

Things start off fine as the rider mixes in some stunts while riding his motorcycle. Then he decides to do a front wheelie. Whether it was putting on too much brakes or it was just a case of forcing too much momentum on the front wheels, the bottom line is the dude ends up falling on his bike, unable to pick up his bike by himself. Not only did that cause the cars behind him to lurch to a stop, but his buddies capturing the scene promptly leaves him behind to fend for himself against a mass of frustrated commuters.

Well done, fine sir. Maybe next time you do your stunts in less populated streets?


Source: YouTube - AM

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