It’s hard to believe that sometimes, the things you find in the remotest of places often leaves you with precious little words to describe them. Take the Kangbashi New Area in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, for example. I don’t think I’m the only one who will say this, but I have no clue where that is. I know where Mongolia is, but that’s about it. It is a little embarrassing to be out of touch with that part of the world, especially now when it has become the home of a brand new, world-class race track called the Ordos International Circuit.

The circuit was opened in 2010 so it really is still a neophyte compared to the Nurburgrings and Silverstones of the world. But in five years, the Ordos International Circuit has hosted its share of motorsports races, including the China Touring Car Championship, the Sciroco Cup China, the Superleage Formula, and the FIA GT1 World Championship.

Despite that impressive list of competitions, Ordos has still remained largely anonymous from the motor racing world. Its location - about an hour by plane from Beijing - is partly responsible for that. It also hasn’t promoted itself with the same fervor as other new race tracks all over the world.

That’s where the Genghis Khan Superbike Cup comes into the picture. The Cup is a group of motorcyclists who have basically taken adopted the Ordos International Circuit as one of its own. Members of this group routinely make the trip to the track, at least three times a year, to test their mettle against each other. It’s far from the kind of hectic schedule a track like Silverstone has on a given year, but as far as satisfying the group’s cravings for wheel-to-wheel action, the Ordos International Circuit is their home away from home.

Hopefully, the track gets its due recognition sooner than later so it can host more prestigious racing series. It would be a shame to have this beautiful circuit continue to be under-utilized all because it’s hard to find it on a map.


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