Guy Martin never seems to run out of things to do. He’s always on television and when he isn’t in front of cameras, you can always count him being in a motorcycle. Now, Martin has found a way to combine those two things after he signed up to be part of a new British show called “Our Guy in India”

In it, Martin and the rest of his bike gang embark on a 1,000-mile journey to India where he is scheduled to participate in the Rider Mania event, considered as the world’s largest Royal Enfield rally.

Martin’s participation in Rider Mania shouldn’t come as a surprise to a man who has spent a big part of his life competing in motorcycle races all over the road. He’s mostly known for his forays in the Isle of Man Touring Trophy race where he’s placed in the podium an incredible 15 times without an actual win to show for it.

I’m not sure how he’ll fare in Rider Mania, but considering that the event gathers thousands of participants, I’m pretty sure Martin will be one of the more famous names to compete in this year’s race.

Outside of the competition, the trip also promises the usual blend of Guy Martin activities. That likely involves a lot of riding bikes and generous heapings of sight-seeing. Oh, he’s also scheduled to visit the largest truck repair site in Asia. That should be interesting.

“Our Guy in India” will be produced by the UK’s Channel 4 TV station with the first episode airing on February 1, 2015. But before the episodes air, get yourselves in the mood and check out this video documenting the 2014 Rider Mania event.


Source: Channel 4

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